Utställning Identitet

Welcome to our exhibition: 21 oktober – 6 november 2019 – Panora/Malmo
The exhibition will be in English, Spanish and swedish.

I´m Amalia Alvarez and I´m the creator of this exhibition, which tries to highlight the feeling of being a non-white artist and person in a society where we are constantly surrounded by whiteness in every situation of our daily life. To always see white people in the role of heroes, and never people that look like oneself. At best we see ourselves as assistants of the white hero, but in most cases we´re not even in the picture, and when we are, then we´re presented as villains, stupid or as clowns. We get to represent everything that is bad and white people get to represent everything that is good. So, this exhibition is for you that are tired of always being described as the error, the stranger and a problem. Off course it is my hope and belief that there will be people who are racialized as whites who can understand and stand behind the content of the exhibition. People who know the difference between whiteness and being racialized as white.
Where: Panora Malmo. to exhibition





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