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In September 2015, the Swedish prime minister, calls Sweden to receive refugees from the war. After this call, Malmö received hundreds of refugees in less than a week. The public services, the immigration office, the hospitals and the shelters were not prepared to receive the hundreds of refugees, but the collective Kontrapunkt was there. The story, shows how the citizens of Malmö, self-organized, to supply all the services that did not exist. The collective Kontrapunkt was the center of this solidarty campaign, one of the biggest in the history of Sweden.
The story is in english -svenska

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”Basta” a biographical novel, which narrates the union struggle against racism and sexism in a workplace in Sweden. The first chapter of this story has been published in the comic anthology ”Draw the line” in the framework of the campaign #metoo in Sweden.

The story is in English, Español och på Svenska.

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”Five stories about prostituteRs”

The Latin American women, who organize into Native American organizations, autonomous and feminist organizations, have long called ”prostituyente” (prostituteRs) to describe the ”client” and the state as the stimulator and protector of the ”prostituyente”. They have concluded that the patriarchal society recognizes the right to prostitute as male privilege and the condition of being prostituted as a feminine guilt. The word prostituyente doesn’t exist in the dictionaries of the world, but is commonly used among the libertarian women. In Spain it’s already accepted the anarchist-feminist movement. In English, the term prostituteR is beginning to be used in anarchist ambience and the libertarian feminists forums. In Swedish there’s no such word and in consequence it’s not used. I have chose to translate the word directly to Swedish because this is what the book is about. I hope that the people of Sweden will accept this gift that we, latin American women offer you. The stories are based in real persons that live or have lived in Sweden. The book is in English-Spanish and Swedish.

The book is in English-Spanish and Swedish


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The book ”The stories of five undocumented women”, contains the collection of stories of many undocumented women who live or lived ”illegal” in Sweden. The text is in English, Spanish and Swedish and the cartoons are based on true stories of immigrant women from countries outside the European Union. These untold stories came from the underground, and they were compressed into five categories, which resulted in the book ”The stories of five undocumented women”. ”Luz Maria” tells the story of the Swedish children and their mothers who don’t have permission to live in Sweden. The cartoon tells about the women’s struggle and their illegal life, to be close to their children. Sara, in the story ”Asylum seeker” tells about the horrible route to freedom, and to the illegality. The story ”Undocumented worker” tells about a part of the abuse, persecution and violence they get. ”Imported wife” tells about the immigrant women married to Swedish citizens. And Carmen tells about the asylum application because of her sexuality. ✰ ☞The Best Social Realism 2013. ☞The best Swedish graphic novel of 2013 Fredrik Strömberg, writes: ”I can, in the capacity of President of the Swedish Comics Association, think this is a great, emotionally disturbing book, and the fact that it was recently voted best Swedish graphic novel of 2013 says that I’m not alone in that assessment”..

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