Exhibition ”Invisible voices”

Stockholm, Huddinge library:
Young people and women, from all over Sweden, with different cultures and genders, who live in vulnerable situations, inspire the artist Amalia Alvarez. Her pictures show how these people perceive the society in which they live, based on their social position. The result is shown in a cartoon format and gives voice to those rarely heard in public. More here

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Draw the line and Basta in the book fair in Gothenburg

Draw the line, is the first anthology on sexual harassment, after the metoo campaign. 18 cartoonists, draw their experiences on sexual harassment, I am one of them. In this anthology, I have drawn part of the first chapter of my comic ”Basta” which is the story of a non-white woman, who suffers sexual harassment and racism in the place where she worked. The comics are based on real experiences. more here

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Basta, is my second fanzine in English, Español och på Svenska.
This is the first chapter of two.
In this first chapter I tell a part of my own story, about the racism and sexism in a work place where I used to work once.


K special Serietecknarna/cartoonists

You can watch the program until 7 Nov 23.59 and watch the video until the end
See here the program about the Swedish cartoonists on swedish television. One of them is me. 🙂


amalia tvtv



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