Day of the abolition of slavery in Sweden

On a day like today, October 9, 1847, the island in the Caribbean ”San Bartolomé” was freed from Swedish slavery. San Bartolome, also called by natives and sambos such as Ouanalao.

(Just to meditate: abolition of slavery: Haiti 1793, Chile 1823, Sweden 1847 United States 1863-1865)
This poster is part of the exhibition ”Identity” which will be shown at the cinema Panora Malmo during October 21 – November 6, 2019
#idagminnsjag #afrosvenska #afrosvenskaröster #svenskaserier #serieskapare #swedishcomic
#panora_malmo #identiteten #identitet #ickevitaroster #amaliaalvarez

by Amalia Alvarez


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